Vacation Security Checklist

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Before you head out on vacation, improve your home’s security and your peace of mind with these suggestions:

1.   Have an alarm installed. There are many options available today.

2.   Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up mail, adjust window shades/ draperies and take out garbage.

3.   Let a trusted neighbor know when you will be gone and offer your driveway for parking. 

4.   Install a "ring" style doorbell and /or plug in security cameras such as WYZE that you can view and speak through from an app.

5.   Install smart devices such as switches, light bulbs and outlets. Use the app to turn on and off the lights while away. You can also put your lamps on timers. 

6.   Don’t hide house keys outside. Remove garage door openers and house keys from cars.

7.   If you have an attached garage, lock the door to your house.

8.   Don’t announce your absence on social media, voice messages or front door notes. 

9.   Turn off location settings on Face Book

10.  Set up a whole house on network Amazon. You can turn music on/off while away

11.  Replace broken screens, latches and windowpanes. Secure gates and sheds.

12.  Leave automatic sprinklers on and install motion-activated lights outside.

13.  Trim shrubbery. Plant thorny type plants such as roses, cactus and Bougainvillea in front of fences and windows. 

14.  Put valuables in a safe-deposit box.

15.  Install a smart thermostat and monitor while on vacation.

16.  Turn off water if in a warm climate or turn off water to the washer.

17. Sign up with USPS for informed delivery.

18. Have the lawn mowed and leaves raked.